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In December 2010, the volume of retail trade fell by 0.4% in the EU27 and the youth unemployment rate (under-25s) was 21.0%. The financial crisis that we hear every day is a reality leaving millions unemployed and thousands of enterprises closed. Indicatively, in Athens 16.000 enterprises have been closed within 4 months! This crisis has brought a burden of debt that will last for many years and new pressures on our social cohesion. The urban tradesmen are the ones who suffer the most watching their stores closed every day. Therefore, people living on this sector are in a danger both because they cannot compete with big giants. Moreover, they do not have sufficient training opportunities for developing themselves for proper competition. Even if they leave their market, they can hardly find a new job due to lack of their up-to-date competencies.

The project’s aim is to provide the Human Resources of the companies in the urban commercial sector with an integrated Learning system by means of the New Technologies of Information and Communication for the Development of the competencies necessary to achieve a Professional, Advanced and Excellent Management in the sector of Urban Trade by modernization and professionalism of the urban trade sector. However, our project is focusing on the labour market, workers or not, shop owners, aged between 15-30 years old and their need to keep their job besides the problems faced, or for those who have lost their job, we can help them by training them on how to find new jobs based on advanced trainings and not only training them in new technologies.

This portal area has been created, consisting of a user-friendly system with a simple, highly interactive and functional infrastructure dedicated to retail sector shop owners and workers, informing them about employment issues, possible career paths and educational training through electronic media. The users will be also able to find out news about other European citizens being in the same position as they are and exchange ideas and experiences. The project’s aim is to contribute to the strengthening of its social policy by providing methods and services for enhancing and facilitating life-long learning, supporting active citizenship, with emphasis specifically in European urban traders. All valuable former work will be adapted.


AGORA Europe II Project Team



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