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The InTraCoM GmbH, headed by Mark Ital and located in Stuttgart/Germany is a Spin off of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and launched at the year 2000. InTraCoM developed own Software Systems for Patent Search and Analysis and has expertise in Database Structures, in Knowledge Management Tools and in Semantic Analysis. The Management of long lasting R&D Projects is also an expertise, InTraCoM has developed own tools like Scenario Based Trendmonitoring or Patent- & Technology monitoring as well as Methods to acquire customer needs and to transform them into technical specifications based ont he method "QFD".





ICOM will be the applicant organization/promoter of the project by disseminating in Germany and in the whole European territory. ICOM will also be leading the WP-1 Requirement analysis while managing the project with a strong support of coordinator POINT [TR] and contract the project. The company will be responsible for the organization and running of Project Meetings, sending the financial and technical deliverables to the LLP coordination unit on time and representing the Consortium to the EC representatives. Moreover, ICOM will establish an effective and indisputable conflict resolution mechanism that will guarantee the interests of the consortium. ICOM will be also involved in other WPs with tasks associated with the training needs survey in Germany and any other. ICOM will play an integral part in WP-2 for the design of the AGORA system and component design. In WP-3, the functional and data components of the platform will be developed and the training material will be selected.




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