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36.6 CC

36.6 Competence Centre is an umbrella institution gathering professionals from many fields establishing interdisciplinary Experts Zone for the local development through international experience exchange. Its staff has experience in EU projects since 1999. It is a CO.N.E.CT group member-COoperation Network for European CiTizenship based in Brussels. It constitutes so-called “Coffee Club” for Seniors, Youth, Women, Migrants, other vulnerable groups as non-formal educational and integration centre. It cooperates on regular basis with the local Parish of Saint Francis of Assisi, which facilitates to reach directly persons in need.

Motto (Main idea behind): 36.6 CC means balance

Balance understood as local society quality of life increase through competencies development of its inhabitants within the support of well-qualified experts conducting educational, research, cultural and vocational guidance-based activities under framework of international projects.

36.6 is a positive figure, it gives you guarantee you are healthy. 36.6 Competence Centre makes an attempt that every individual could have that kind of guarantee for healthy society at the end, healthy in many sense leading to quality of life at three levels so to achieve work-life balance:


e-ntertainment/ private sphere

Target Groups:

Local society members regardless of their age, gender, nationality, cultural background, religion belief, level of education, marital or material status requiring further development so to acquire knowledge and skills adjusted to the changeable situation on the labour market on one hand and so to be included to the local society on the other.




36.6 Centrum Kompetencji (36.6 Competence Centre) will:

- lead WP-4 “Evaluating AGORA results” by development of methodology and tools to be used by all partners,

- participate in WP-1 “Requirements Analysis” by conducting desk research and field study in Poland,

- contribute to WP-2 “Design of AGORA e-Learning environment” according to the lead partners requirements and guidelines,

- be involve in WP-3 “Implementation and testing the AGORA system” by conducting the piloting task in Poland,

- carry out dissemination and exploitation activities in Poland and Europe (within CONECT network) as a contribution to WP-5,

- play an active role in WP-6 by coordinating the project in Poland, fulfilling reporting obligations, participating in transnational meetings and organising one of them,

- translate respective documents, materials into Polish,

- other tasks assigned to them during progress of the project implementation.




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