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The Chamber of Alava have three main MISSIONS:

-To represent, promote and defend of the general interest of the business community of their region,
-Management of public resources using business criteria,
-To foster territorial development of the regions.

The Chambers have public mandate tasks and consultative and representative functions before the local, regional and national public authorities.




The Chamber of Alava was the promoter of the previous AGORA project. Therefore they will lead WP-3 Implementation and testing the “AGORA” system together with FFE [ES], who are the coordinator of former AGORA project. Based on this experience, they will supply strong feedback on AGORA project to other partners and ensure cooperation between Spain and other partners. Besides leading the WP-3 and perform the roles stipulated in the project and also focus on the following tasks according to their former experiences:

- Contribution to the good management of the project,
- To take part on the project meetings,
- To collaborate in the development of the Comparative Analysis of Professional Competences,
- To collaborate in the Training Needs Diagnosis,
- Active participation in the Valorisation strategy (Dissemination of the activities, results and products) as they have a large network of SME's and also other chambers,
- Ensuring effective impact of the project,
- Promotion and monitoring.





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