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Clarus Advisory Services is an international company based in Athens, Greece, providing services to organizations, companies and civil society groups on the fields of research, management, lifelong learning and training solutions. We were born with the clear mission to provide solutions for all sort of educational activities that could enhance the skills and knowledge of anyone looking to improve his/her educational background as well as offering companies the services and tools they need to provide so. Our success is measured by how well people can apply their new product knowledge and skills to improve their performance on the job. We have grown to provide our services worldwide, creating and delivering all sort of educational and training products, and expanding our activities through EU projects. Our staff is simply devoted to managing educational activities, always learning in this fast-changing world and passionate for teaching and disseminating what the outcome of our work is.




CLARUS will lead the work package WP-2 Design of the “AGORA” e-Learning Environment together with GAZI [TR]. They will perform the roles stipulated in the project and will ensure cooperation between Greece and other partners. CLARUS will co-operate in all necessary project phases, meetings and work packages. In the framework of the other work packages that CLARUS is not piloting, could execute research and field analysis activities in the related contexts: professional competences developed by means of the three systems of Permanent Learning (Formal-Not Formal-Informal), by the workers in the Urban Trade Sector. Based on the obtained results a special tailored framework will be worked out and implemented through the design of special training modules based upon the needs of the target groups. Collaboration at the definition of an appropriate methodology to design, develop, manage and test training modules.




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