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Following work packages are planned to be realised according to project design:

WP-1 Requirements Analysis will run between Oct-11 and Feb-12 taking app. 5 Months and led by ICOM [DE];

WP-2 Design of the “AGORA” e-Learning Environment will run between Mar-12 and Dec-12 taking app. 9 Months and led by CLARUS [EL] and GAZI [TR] to have two different profession together, a training consultancy and a University;

WP-3 Implementation and testing the “AGORA” system will run between Jan-13 and Jun-13 taking app. 6 Months and led by FFE [ES] and CCI ALAVA [ES] former projects coordinator and promoter respectively;

WP-4 Evaluating “AGORA” results – An extensive experiment will run between Jun-13 Sep-13 taking app. 3 Months and led by WSINF [PL] as they are a VET university;

WP-5 Dissemination & Exploitation activities will surely continue throughout the life time of the project, from Oct-11 to Sep-13 takin up 24 Months, and even after the funding period, as primary aim is to bring valuable AGORA learning material to Web platform and keep it alive and exploitable in virtual world. This integrated dissemination activities will be led by COOP [SK] and POINT [TR] due to their extensive background;

WP-6 Project Management & Portal Development will again run during the entire project term, from Oct-11 till Sep-13 taking up 24 Months and led by POINT [TR] having great experience and proven success.




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