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Today the job market has become increasingly competitive. To survive, small businesses must learn to compete with large corporations. Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t have adequate facilities. The market conditions for small grocers are particularly explained by the greater emphasis on part-time work, smaller workplaces, and the lower education levels. But you can increase your chance for success in this tough job market by improving your skills even without a formal education.


Actually, many big stores offer training programs for the current or potential employees. But if you are start working in a small- conventional grocery shop, such an opportunity would be very difficult for you. There is no possibility of such a small markets unless they are fight to keep costs down. However, its employees must be trained and they need to advance, for worker performance and productivity to increase in stores.

The AGORA project is focused on for this purpose. Our training program is intended for employees who will work in the retailing sector in grocery shops or who have an interest in the grocery retail as well as employers, and for those who want to build a business or begin developing business operations in grocery retailing. Thus our training program benefits both the grocery ownership and the employees. For this purpose different module groups were designed by the project team.

Along with training modules on workplace basic skills, workplace soft skills and basic computer skills, participants will have enhanced knowledge and vision through courses such as feasibility training (cost/ benefit analyses) retail operations and store management. Thus participants will to learn, basic concepts, transferable work- related skills, core management skills, and implementation.

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