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POINT ( is a general engineering and project management organisation active internationally since 1977. International activities have served the organisation to build up an extensive experience and knowledge both in implementation and management of integrated projects. POINT has also gained a large scope of experience in all kinds of sectoral informal vocational training combined to e-learning and blended learning. ICT applications and solutions for overcoming employment problems of disabled people have been developed, together with needs models since 1999, when first virtual employment portal ( was introduced to the audience. Having such a background and recently innovated/developed ICT based training projects, which are mostly targeting disabled people, disadvantaged people, as well as SME's and inactive adults having various background and skills. These efforts usually performed ogether with leading universities in Turkey.


Having such a background lead POINT to innovate/develop ICT based training projects, which are mostly targeting disabled people ( and disadvantaged people (, also some others ( In all ICT related activities of organization, virtual learning, virtual working and virtual exchange of professional backgrounds and competencies are the main theme as these are the backbone of future world economy. POINT’s ICT professions vary from CMS, LMS developments to Web 2.0 and social media tailor made applications, even to the integration of engineering based artificial intelligence in these developments.


Therefore the organisation is paying particular attention to the issue and forcing this integral concept to be adapted in e-learning and e-employment phenomena, as the complementary efforts in building complete solutions. POINT further aims to develop ICT based distant learning and employment model and spread its accumulated experience in the project development field concentrating in this field including experience sharing.





The main role of POINT will be Management, Coordination of the whole project as well as Quality Assurance together with contractor ICOM. POINT will lead WP-6 Project Management; detailed work and sub-task assignment of the partners will be performed by POINT and comprehensive project management methods will be utilized. Valorization of the project progress and final outputs in Turkey and in EU will be one of the most important duties of POINT. Commercialization of the product will also be studied and formulated by POINT and necessary arrangement shall be performed for realization of the aim.


Briefly, POINT will bear:

-Project Management and Coordination as well as portal development,
-Ensuring Co-operation among partners,
-Arrangement of the partner meetings in Turkey,
-Transfer and implementation of former project tools and instruments and translation of present and modified content into Turkish,
-Develop new sectoral methodology for extending project tools.




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